A little bit of change can have a huge impact!

Work with local restaurants, gyms, stores, and more to collect donations for A Moment of Magic! Sign up at the form below and we will send you customized charity donation cans to be displayed at the register of the venue.

Businesses can earn certifications from our charity and achieve different sponsorship levels! By choosing to participate in our Change for Impact  Campaign, not only will your business be exposed to our community through our social media and website, but your name will also be spotlighted to companies, organizations, and potential customers all over the world. With a substantial social media following and events all over the country following our viral video with 65 million and counting views, we estimate our program to reach thousands of people every single day.

Did you know that 84 percent of consumers globally say they seek out responsible businesses whenever possible. Working with us on this campaign with allow you to publically display just that. This is a very unique and exciting business opportunity, and we hope to partner with you to make more dreams come true.

Fill out the survey and make a dream come true!

A Moment of Magic