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"How are you doing?"

An innocent question enough, but oftentimes a question that families affected by childhood cancer don’t know how to answer. The overwhelming weight of anxiety, grief, fear, guilt, and other difficult to manage emotions can be tough to communicate as a parent, but for children and teens affected, it can feel nearly impossible to understand, express, communicate, or ask for help.

It is no secret that there is a mental health crisis in the United States, and families affected by childhood cancer are particularly vulnerable. In fact, children with cancer are 7x more likely to experience a mental health event. While families may have some support during treatment, survivors and siblings can often move forward from this journey while continuing to silently struggle with their mental health.

We can’t wait to do something and we can’t do something alone.


Through this program co-created with a medical advisory committee of child psychologists, mental health experts, social workers, child life specialists, medical professionals, and families affected by childhood cancer themselves, our goal is to launch virtual and in-person events where children, teens, and families can learn to understand, express, communicate, and heal in a supportive environment.

Through this program, we:

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Additional Resources

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Video Resources

Watch video resources inspired by past ECH: TCCC virtual programs here.

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Additional Resources

Find additional resources for families here!


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Video Resources

ECH 3-12 Learning Emotions
ECH Teen Mindfulness and Breathing
Recorded Sessions

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