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With empathy and kindness, we provide a safe space for children to engage in meaningful fun activities that enhance their social-emotional development. Led by community volunteers, our in-person social wellness activities are age-friendly, medically safe, and easy to implement in various settings.

Our programs infuse arts, crafts, music, theater, and movement directly to medically vulnerable children. Our creative methodology helps children express, create, and heal in an open, supportive environment by providing them with opportunities to explore mindfulness, mind-body connection, provide skills for understanding frustration, create space to gain autonomy, promote coping skills, and space for growth.

By doing so, we build social-emotional wellness and cope with daily life stressors exacerbated by their circumstance.

Additionally, by partnering with hundreds of nonprofits across the country, we are able to assist families in receiving the support they need.

Remote Programming
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Creative Programming

  • One-on-one social experiences to cultivate an environment of personalized connection.

  • Small group experiences with under 10 participants

  • Large group experiences with over 10 participants

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Creative Programming

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Family Support

  • Bravery Bags  - Our Bravery Bags project aims to aid in mental health and enhance the quality of life of medically underserved children through creative play. If you would like to sponsor or request Bravery Bags, please contact us here.

  • Care packages - You can request one here!

  • Memorials - To honor the children that lose their wings, we have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plan a tree in a national forest and provide a memorial momento to provide to the family. You can request one here.


National Resources

All children who are under 18 years old and undergoing active Childhood Cancer treatment (or in Maintenance phase of treatment) in the United States are eligible for a Hero Package.
Request a hero package

Princess Empowerment
Princess Empowerment's mission is to promote strength and positivity in children with life-threatening illnesses. We provide specially designed tiaras and decorating kits for kids battling illnesses. Princess Empowerment is creating and shipping Tiara Care Kits. Each shippable kit would come with a tiara, pillow, glue, and decorating items.
Request a Tiara Kit

One Simple Wish
If you are in foster care, or ever were, and you need a laptop for remote learning email, One Simple Wish may be able to help.
Request Assistance

Songs of Love
The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. 
Request a Song

Headbands of Hope
For every headband sold, one is donated to a medically vulnerable child. H.O.H is still taking requests for Headband donations.
Request a Headband

Binkeez for Comfort
The Binkeez mission is to provide blankets to babies and children struggling to survive life-threatening illnesses, acute developmental and mental disorders and severe burns, all the while offering support to parents, siblings and caregivers.
Request a Binkeez

The Magic Yarn Project
The Magic Yarn Project is the original and the largest 501(c)3 nonprofit crafting character wigs for children with cancer. Our mission is to bring magic into the lives of children battling cancer, and to inspire volunteerism to make a difference.
Request a Magic Yarn Wig

Fun Fashion Activities: Jewelry Making, Knitting, and More!
Lulus Fun Fashion Activities offer free resources to many exciting projects that anyone can create! Learn about how to make clothing items and accessories through many engaging activities and templates from popular knitting patterns to making friendship bracelets and everything in between! 
Check it out

G's Giving Gown Request
G's Giving Gowns donates custom hospital gowns to children fighting Pediatric Cancer at no cost. At this time, we are allowing chapters to request up to 5 gowns a semester to ensure we are able to fill those requests. 
Learn more

The Toy Foundation
The Toy Foundation provides millions of brand-new toys for children in underserved communities. 
Request toys here
Donate toys here

Jewelry, Embroidery, Knitting and Paper Craft Guides
Jewelry, Embroidery, Knitting and Paper Craft Guides is an exciting place to find inspiration for your next project! This blog has many different types of crafts that use different skills and ways of using your hands and brain. These activities help kids use their fine motor skills while creating something special! Fun for the whole family!
Learn more

Moving is often an exciting time for families that are shifting to a new home, but the transition can be considerable challenge for kids. The thought of saying goodbye to friends, leaving your home, starting a new school, and being the 'new kid' can be overwhelming for children. The stress they might experience can make the moving process as a parent even more difficult. We created a comprehensive guide for moving with kids that could be useful for parents shifting to a new environment. 
Check out the complete MYMOVE guide here

Learning a Foreign Language
At, there are plenty of resources that can help you learn a new language, like websites, activity sheets, videos, and flash cards, all available in a variety of different languages.
Start learning here

Sit Down and Draw: Art Resources
If you’re looking for a great new hobby that’s simple to do but tricky to master, pick up a pencil and pad and start drawing! Drawing is a great activity to occupy your mind when you’re bored, and best of all, the only tools you need are a pencil, paper, and your imagination. Drawing can also be done on a computer or tablet. There are no limits on your creativity when you’re drawing!
Begin drawing here!

Regional Resources

Love Like Landon 
Love Like Landon is offering cleaning supplies to Arizona families of a child currently in treatment. Our supplies are limited, but if we can find more, we’re willing to help! We also have a military grade face mask for cancer children in treatment. (Arizona only) 
Get in touch

Apps and websites

Candlelighters NYC 
Candlelighters NYC is providing direct family support to families receiving treatment for pediatric cancer in Manhattan. (Manhattan only) 
Get in touch


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