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How To Join

  1. Fill Out An Interest Form

  2. Attend an Interest Meeting

  3. ​Fill Out Forms and Pay Dues

  4. Start Going on Visits and Making Magic

**Dates and times for interest meetings will be emailed to you after filling out an interest form and can be found on the Instagram**

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What Does Volunteering Look Like?

Character Volunteer

Become a Character in Training

1.  Volunteer as a Magic Maker
2. Fundraise for your costume
3. Audition
4. Get "Coronated" !

Magic Maker

Start Going on
Visits Right Away

1. Lead crafts and games
2. Be a character attendant 
3. Be a photographer and videographer

Make Magic!

  • Advocate for Pediatric Cancer Fighters

  • Create opportunities for healing through creative play

  • Make an impact on underserved and vulnerable children


When Can I Join? 

We accept new members at the start of every semester

Do I get to pick my character?

You get to put your top three preferences and nationals casts you based on your audition and preferences

What is the time commitment?

We have training once a week, Characters are required to go on 20% of visits (1-2 visits per month)

When Are Trainings?

Typically on Wednesdays at 7:00, but this occasionally changes year to year if the chapter votes on a new time

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