We are so thrilled to bring back our 2017 Pediatric Cancer Awareness Shirt! This heather grey short sleeve is our best selling design EVER!


The front has a simple ribbon logo, the first design to EVER use this gorgeous design. The back reads
"I am a cancer fighting, all dancing, lemonade selling, costume dressing, worldwide video calling, surprise in waiting, little kid hugging, best friendshipping, bubble blowing, soundtrack singing, hospital visiting, gold glitter sparkling, loud voice calling, picture taking, foundationshipping, letter writing, funny face making, crown giving, muscle flexing, pinky promising, fairytale creating, empowering , A Moment of Magic making , for the kids screaming, more than four percent believing, pediatric cancer advocate."

Ribbon T-shirt

  • Items ordered before December 10th will be delivered before December 24th on a rolling basis. Items ordered after do not have a guarenteed delivery by Christmas.

  • Returns and refunds not accepted.

A Moment of Magic