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Creative Programming

With empathy and kindness, we provide a safe space for children to engage in meaningful fun activities that enhance their social-emotional development. Led by community volunteers, our in-person social wellness activities are age-friendly, medically safe, and easy to implement in various settings. Our in-person experiences can be provided directly to families or in partnership with hospitals, health care centers, and nonprofit organizations. Some examples of in-person activities our team has facilitated include:

  • One-on-one social experiences to cultivate an environment of personalized connection.

  • Small group experiences with under 10 participants

  • Large group experiences with over 10 participants

    You can schedule an in-person creative programming experience here.

    **Please note, we are operating at limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We require all volunteers to be tested before and after an event, to be vaccinated for COVID-19, to receive the flu shot, to fill out health waivers, and to wear a mask for the entire duration of the event. Starting April 1st, we will require all volunteers to be boosted. Additionally, we require all partners to fill out a waiver prior to the event.

Creative Programming

The health and safety of medically underserved children are our priority. Thus, we now offer many of our social wellness activities virtual so COVID-19 safety protocols will never be a barrier to a child engaging in fun activities. Activities provided during our virtual programming services are similar to our in-person services, adapted with the help of technology. Virtual experiences include:

  • AMoM Unlimited - Meet AMoM Unlimited, our very own streaming site built to host our original amazing content Through this site, you are able to access our high-quality, fun, and engaging digital programming on demand. It's the Magic of AMoM available in the palm of your hand 24/7.

  • Virtual 1:1 Calls - Schedule an individual 1:1 call with your favorite character or magic maker. Calls are available almost every single day with new appointments added monthly.

  • Virtual Group Livestream Calls - Schedule a group livestream call with our volunteers for your hospital or nonprofit for a virtual group experience!

  • Individual Video Requests - Do you have a child in need of a video from their favorite character or magic maker, but scheduling can be difficult? You can now request a personalized video here!

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Family Support

Through our Direct Family Support program, we are able to provide care to the families we serve in more tangible ways. By offering services such as Bravery Bags, celebration and birthday care packages, memorials for children that earn their wings, and events specifically focused on connecting families that we serve, we are able to create community and additional support.

  • Bravery Bags  - Our Bravery Bags project aims to aid in mental health and enhance the quality of life of medically underserved children through creative play. We work in partnership with pediatric departments at hospitals to provide carefully curated activity kits to help medically vulnerable children build social-emotional wellness and cope with daily life stressors exacerbated by their medical diagnosis and/or COVID-19. If you would like to sponsor or request Bravery Bags, please contact us here.

  • Care packages - We create fun and exciting care packages for birthdays, end-of-chemo parties, and other celebrations. You can request one here!

  • Memorials - To honor the children that lose their wings, we have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plan a tree in a national forest and provide a memorial momento to provide to the family. You can request one here.

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