Video Chat Calls


A Moment of Magic is proud to present our Character Portal Calls. These are 30 minute private calls with our characters that allow us to provide one-on-one virtual interaction with a child! We have made it a top priority to add as many calls, with as many characters as possible, as well as include volunteers that are proficient in Spanish and ASL so every child can participate in the magic. Above is our calendar for March and April.

If you have a child that might be interested, the steps are very simple. Just click this link [] and book a date and time that works for you (all times are in EST), include your contact email, and we would reserve that time just for you (all dates and times are first come first serve). Then, we would call on the designated day and time and set up a one on one interaction for that specific child!


Additionally, we have implemented brand new live Facebook videos that will premiere on Wednesdays at 2pm EST with our characters. During this time, you can visit our Facebook page to watch a livestream of our characters reading books, doing crafts, and participating in Q+A's directly with our audience. Here is our upcoming schedule (all at 2pm EST):

March 25th: Princess Tiana
April 1st: Snow White and Queen Amidala
April 3rd: Princess Anna
April 8th: Cinderella and Snow White
April 15th: Rapunzel
April 22th: Rey
April 29th: Queen Clarion


Please feel free to share this with families, hospital staff, partnering organizations, and partnering organizations.


All programming is always 100% free of charge and you can sign up for as many calls as you want to continue to bring as much magic as you need.

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Schedule by Character