Video Chat Calls

In March 2018, we launched a brand-new, never-before-done initiative! So many parents, nonprofits, and child life specialists gave us amazing feedback on this new initiative and we are so honored to provide this service these amazing kiddos! 


We will now be offering several 30 minute private Skype call times with some of our characters. Above is our calendar for September! 


If you have a child that might be interested, the steps are very simple. Just click this link and book a date and time that works for you (all times are in EST), include your contact email, and we would reserve that time just for you (all dates and times are first come first serve). Then we would call on that designated day and time and set up a one on one interaction for that specific child!


This is perfect for children who are on isolation, need a bit of cheering up, or just adore the characters we have listed. Just by forwarding this email out to someone who might need some magic, you can change an entire day for a child in need.


We hope you take this amazing and unique opportunity!


Thanks so much for your continued support! We look forward to making magic with you!

A Moment of Magic