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Who we are and what we do

A Moment of Magic Foundation at UNC Chapel Hill is a chapter of the national 501(c)(3) non-profit and was founded in 2018. We operate under the mission of "restoring the magic of believing at at a time when a child needs to 'just-be-a-kid', and reminding them to be brave, strong, and fearless." This is accomplished by providing emotional support to children battling serious illnesses with fairytale character and superhero visits. Visits occur in children's hospitals, social service institutions (such as the Ronald McDonald House), family homes, large events (such as 5ks or THONs), and so on. All volunteers are students at UNC, and meet weekly to be trained on a plethora of volunteer topics (e.g. hospital etiquette, working with non-verbal children, working with  individuals with mental disabilities, etc.) All services are provided free of charge to the family or organization.

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Meet our executive board

President: Julia Drahzal
VP: Cosette Koh
Treasurer: Victoria McAlister
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Magic Maker Co: Elise Hayes
Cosmetic Co.: Sarah Burton
Community Co.: Emma Henderson
Character Trainer: Michaela Bullard
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VP: Cosette Koh
Palm Trees
Treasurer: Sam Shaw
City Cycle
Fire Wood
Magic Maker Coordinator: Mackenzie Koontz
Foggy Pier
Costume Co: Rahne Hartman
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President: Julia Drahzal
VP: Heidi Kreis
Secretary: Carly Martin
Magic Experience Coordinator: Taylor Niblack
On Campus Coordinator: Taylor McNair
Fundraising Chair: Megan Harris
Intra-Chapter Relations Chair: Alyson Nelson
New Member Co.: Shreya Arora
Social Media Co.: Alexis Tirpak
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Showing off our super strength!
Three princesses after a play-date!
A tea party for two!
Pediatric playroom smiles!
Shooting webs for the camera!
The cold never bothered them anyway!
A bedside visit to raise spirits!
A fancy game of dress up!
A birthday party fit for a princess!

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Magic Maker Coordinator: Mackenzie Koontz