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Timeline to Spring 2022 CoronatioN!

On February 12th...

  • Attend Character/Magic Maker Bootcamp as a Magic Maker

By March 1st...

By March 15th...

  • Submit your audition!

  • Raise funds ($500) for your costume

By the end of march

  • Have your measurements in to Sammi

By the end of April

on April 27th...

  • Attend Coronation & find out your character!

After Coronation...

  • Watch this makeup tutorial video, try out your character's makeup look & send a photo to Elizabeth

    • This must be completed before you can get your costume!​

Next Semester...

  • Attend Character/Magic Maker Bootcamp as your character

  • Go on a visit as a character with an experienced character before can you go on your own

  • Meet with Elizabeth to review your character integrity & character goals for the semester

  • Continue to engage with your character through various Character Development Exercises

use this checklist to track your progress!

Let Maddie know when you have started on the road to coronation & she'll get your name on the list!

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