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Our Story

A Moment of Magic, formerly known as The Princess Project, is a program originally founded by Kylee McGrane (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania) and Margaret McAndrew (Milford, Connecticut). On a mission to spread some magic, and a little bit of pink in the busy world around them, this program takes college-age students to volunteer at children’s hospitals and schools dressed as some of the world's most popular princesses.

Our story starts with very humble roots. In December 2014, Kylee had the idea to dress up like a princess and visit local children's hospitals after noticing some striking similarities to a pretty popular princess! After some preliminary research, she found out there were no other organizations currently servicing children simply through volunteer work. That's when she consulted her college roommate Maggie to join her team.

 Maggie and Kylee pounded the pavement to do the first round of funding through crowd sourcing and constant fundraising. They purchased their first set of costumes and began providing their sources to the New York area. They still joke that they ran their princess visits out of Kylee's punch buggy for several months before their lives changed forever.

In the Fall of 2015, the then college juniors decided to allow more students in their school to get involved. Overnight, their group of two expanded to forty committed college students that began to expand their visits to the entire east coast!

During this time, Kylee and Maggie began getting immersed in the world of pediatric cancer. They learned about the lack of funding, the harsh treatments, and began to form extremely close bonds with the kids they met. Maggie and Kylee worked hard to make sure that their magic could reach as many kids as possible and decided to create a system in which college students from across the country could apply to become a part of their royal family. 

After a little bit of magic in November 2016, A Moment of Magic's story went viral, grossing more than 65 million views worldwide. The international attention helped us gain the momentum we needed to make our dream come true and allow A Moment of Magic to be able to be adopted by Colleges and Universities across the United States


Margaret McAndrew is a graduate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent and secondary education teacher. Her love of working with children and the color pink has inspired her work behind A Moment of Magic and she continually finds her passion in helping those in need. 

Kylee McGrane is a graduate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and the Founder and Executive Director of A Moment of Magic. Always inspired by the world around her, she founded A Moment of Magic  from a passion for working with children, excellent glitter skills, and dreams of spreading love and magic to those in need. She is passionate about creating a moment of magic for every deserving child and currently both operates the organization and continuously volunteers. She is constantly striving to meet more children in need of a moment of magic and provide college students with service work they can feel passionate and empowered by!


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