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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We got the answerers. We hope you can find what you're looking for here, if not check out our contact page below!

-How did A Moment of Magic start?
A Moment of Magic, formerly known as The Princess Project, is a program originally founded by Kylee McGrane, Wilkes Barre, and Margaret McAndrew in Milford, Connecticut. On a mission to spread some magic, and a little bit of pink in the busy world around them, this program takes college-age students to volunteer at children’s hospitals and schools dressed as some of the world's most popular princesses. To read more about our story, click here.
-How many kids have you met?
While we don't have an exact number, we have reached children in 49 different states, 6 different countries, and have done upwards of  visits since we began in 2015. We estimate that we have met over 100,000 children! See all of our past events here.
-Why princesses and superheroes?
As our friends at the Magic Yarn Project say, these characters truly are "symbols of strength, courage, and true determination for young children everywhere". We hope with our visits that we can restore a little bit of the childhood magic that pediatric cancer and other serious illnesses all too often takes away. While there are many amazing organizations that allow these children to travel to have the same experiences, A Moment of Magic brings these children  the same magic and quality! 
-Where is A Moment of Magic based out of and how does it operate?
A Moment of Magic was created in New York City in December 2014. Originally, A Moment of Magic operated with 2 volunteers until September 2015 when it began it's chapter system. In 2017, we expanded again with our national headquarters to remain in NYC and proudly work with 20 colleges and universities all over the country! We plan on adding new chapters every single year!
-Why do you only allow college students to be character volunteers?

We have chosen to only create character chapter systems in colleges due to our intensive trainings, high commitment expectations, and nature of our work. While we hope you can understand, we certainly hope that this does not dampen your desire to help our organization. There are many wonderful and fulfilling opportunities that would allow you to volunteer with our foundation and get others involved. Please see our "get involved" tab for all of the fulfilling ways to make a difference! 


-I'm not a college student, can I still help?
Yes! There are so many different ways to help! Browse our "get involved" tab to find out ways we have partnered with people all over the country before. Do you have an idea on how to help, but it isn't listed? Contact us here and we'll start planning!
-How many chapters do you currently have?
As of June 2021, we have 29 college character chapters all over the country! 
-How many college chapters do you plan on having in the future?
We plan on accepting 3-5 new chapters every year! 
-What is the chapter adoption process?
Read about our application process here
-Are donations tax deductible?
-Do you accept toy donations?
Yes! We find that kids love crowns, blankets, pajamas, iPads, gift cards, and anything on our amazon wish list! We can find a use for almost anything, but please remember all donations need to be brand new!
-Do you have an Amazon wish list?
Yes, see it here
-Do you have an amazon smile account?
Yes! We are listed under "A Moment of Magic". 
-I have my own store and I would like to donate merchandise! Can I do that?
Yes! Contact us here! 
-Can I do what you do in my area?
Yes! Just apply for a chapter!
More questions? Contact us here!

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