magic maker chapters

What is a Magic Maker chapter?

Magic Maker Chapters are chapters that are able to be adopted by schools that raise money and awareness for A Moment of Magic. While Magic Maker chapters do not include character hospital visits, they are imperative to the overall success of A Moment of Magic.

What do Magic Maker Chapters Do?

            *Hold events that raise money, collect toys, and raise awareness for pediatric cancer on campus.

            *Raise Awareness of The Magic Maker program as well as A Moment of Magic Foundation on campus.


            *Promote a positive community and idea of service.

            *Promote an uplifting, safe, and communal environment for all members.

            *To create awareness for pediatric cancer, female empowerment, and finding passion in service work.

Why should I create a magic maker chapter? 

           Magic Maker Chapters are a great alternative to our character chapters for several different reasons:

           *Acceptance into our program is rolling. There are no application deadlines!
           *The is a lower commitment and participation level required in comparison to our character chapters.

           *Our Magic Maker Chapters have a shorter application with only a $25 application fee!

           *Magic Maker Chapter annual dues are only $250 and provide chapters with all the resources that they need to effectively run a chapter.


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