Our Services

We are proud to offer several different types of events to fit your specific needs. We would be honored to collaborate and cultivate your experience nothing short of magical.

-Bedside Visits

Our volunteers will visit children in their rooms at hospitals. By doing so, a child's experience is individualized for them. We can do a sweep of different hospital floors (such as oncology, ICU, etc.) and we are even experienced bringing magic to children on isolation!


-Large Event Appearances 

Our volunteers have done everything from parades, meet and greets, face painting, and walks. Together we and your organization can cultivate a perfect setup for your event.


-Book Readings 

Our volunteers have been trained to read in a way that makes literature come alive. We have worked with hospitals and non-profit organizations to set up an interactive book reading experience.



Every character that we have on our staff comes ready to deliver a performance to you. Our volunteers are prepared to interact with children and bring the music they hear in their famous movies come to life. 

-Arts and Crafts

Our volunteers would love to host an arts and crafts party with your organization. We have done everything from creating shields, crowns, or capes to making tutus and other colorful creations!


-Individual Visits 

Our organization is extensively trained for individual visits. We will bring our characters to the comfort of an individual child's home or hospital room to focus only on that child. The child will get the characters of their choosing and a gift will be delivered to the child as well. Activities will be decided upon by the event coordinator and parent prior to the event. 


-Character Portal Calls Calls

While our organization operates out of 29 chapters and primarily physically reaches organizations within 3 hours of them, difficult diagnoses affect children all over the world. We are the only organization that brings our characters to your child virtually via our hotline calls. A parent and an event coordinator will work together to plan the "video call date" from the timing to the characters the child wants to meet. The child will receive a package of gifts from the character that they visited with following the call.


Kindly note that we are not an entertainment or birthday party company. Our services are only for social service institutions, pediatric hospitals, and families with children that qualify. We do not charge any institutions for our services. Please inquire on our contact page for any question.