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When March comes around,
we're all basketball fans.

This year, we are giving you an opportunity to experience the magic of the big tournament in a whole new way.

Pick the winner of the men's tournament, women's tournament, or both.
Winners from each tournament will split the total pool, up to $500 each!


Visit starting right after the brackets are released on 3/17.

Make your selection by picking the team or teams you want to win. You can make as many entries for as many teams as you want for both the men and women's tournaments!


For example: 

  • If you buy 5 tickets for Gonzaga to win your name will be entered 5 times under Gonzaga.
    If you buy an additional 5 tickets for UNC, your name will be entered 5 times under UNC.

  • If Gonzaga loses in the second round, you still have 5 opportunities to win as long as UNC stays viable. If UNC becomes the National Champion, you have 5 chances to win the big prize!

  • If UNC loses before the championship, you always have an option to buy additional entries under a team still in the tournament. 


You can buy entries at the beginning of the tournament or wait until the competition narrows down, but after each round entry prices will increase.


At the end of the tournament, we will randomly select an entry from those that selected the winner to receive the cash prize!

50% of funds raised will support A Moment of Magic's work in providing creative programming and support to vulnerable and underserved children!


So what will your strategy be?

Image by Guilherme Alvares

Raffle Prices:

Before tournament: $10/ticket

After First Round: $15/ticket

After Second Round: $20/ticket

After Regional Semifinals: $25/ticket

After Regional Finals: $30/ticket

After National Semifinals: $50/ticket

Questions? Email us at

Men's Teams

Men's Teams
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