Our Team 

Board of Directors



Kylee McGrane

Kylee is the Founder and Executive Director of A Moment of Magic Foundation.

CRS Cropped Headshot (1) - Caroline Roon

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Caroline Rooney Serrano

Caroline is the Product Coordinator of A Moment of Magic Foundation, wardrobe stylist, fashion expert, and Chief Executive Officer of Caroline Rooney Styling.


Vice- President

Matthew Zarnoch

Matthew is the Vice-President of A Moment of Magic and is an Analyst Advisor at PURE Insurance.

headshot - Lauren Nelson.JPG


Lauren Nelson

Lauren is the Secretary of A Moment of Magic and the Chief Executive Office of ROAR Philanthropy.

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Tom LaCalamito

Tom is the Treasurer of A Moment of Magic and is a Senior Manager in KPMG's Audit practice.

Bio Pic - Jasmine Simpson.jpg

Fundraising Coordinator

Jasmine Simpson

Jasmine is the Fundraising Coordinator A Moment of Magic and is the Founder and CEO of Good Steward Financial Company, LLC,

IMG_6426 - Shikha Shah.JPG

Director of Medical Advisors

Shikha Shah

Shikha is the Director of Medical Advisors and the Regional Director of Programs for the West Coast Region at Team Impact.

Amanda - Andrew Kean.jpeg

Director of Strategic Growth
Amanda D'Anucci-Kean

Amanda is the Director of Strategic Growth at A Moment of Magic and currently leads strategy, communications, and strategic partnerships at Wall Street Bound.


Professional Headshot - Mike Duffy.PNG

Business Administrator

Michael Duffy

Mike is the Business Administrator for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

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Chapter Liasion

Marra Sigler

Marra is the Chapter Liasion for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

headshot - AMOM Temple University.jpg

Project Manager

Stephanie Fallon

Stephanie is the Project Manager for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

Board of Advisors


Programming Advisor

Chloe Eggers

Chloe is the Programming Advisor of A Moment of Magic.

IMG_6107 - Elieana Herrera.jpg

Volunteer Relations

Elieana Herrera

Elieana is the Chapter Relations Chair of A Moment of Magic.

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 11.05.42 AM.pn

Character Integrity: Costuming

Anna Cahill

Anna is the Character Integrity Chair of A Moment of Magic Foundation with a specific focus on Costuming. 

IMG_5506 - Paige Bruggink.JPG

Donor Relations Advisor
Paige Bruggink

Paige is the Donor Relations Advisor of A Moment of Magic.

IMG_3556 (1) - Maddi and Anna Integrity

Character Integrity: Training

Maddi Stanton-Johnson

Maddi is the Character Integrity Chair of A Moment of Magic Foundation with a specific focus on Training. 

BeccaHari - AMOM Info.jpeg

Information Advisor
Rebecca Hari

Becca is the Volunteer Relations Advisor of A Moment of Magic.

Committee Chairs


Strategic Growth

Tom Moebus

Tom is a strategic consultant of A Moment of Magic Foundation. He has 25 years of experience in innovation, partnerships, and development.

IMG_3198_jpg - AMoM families.jpeg

Family Relations

Jane Vitelli

Jane is the Family Relations chair of A Moment of Magic.

C154A31D-AB36-411E-8893-93F1B584C933 - S

Alumni Relations

Sierra Kotowicz

Sierra is the Alumni Relations chair of A Moment of Magic.

IMG_1452.CR2 - Aly Coppage.jpg

Hospital + Nonprofit Relations
Aly Coppage

Aly is the Hospital and Nonprofit Relations Committee Chair.


Celebrity Partnerships
Danielle Tierney

Danielle is the Celebrity Partnerships chair of A Moment of Magic. 

992C75E6-AC34-4C77-B47B-6D2D4C6E9708 - C

Conference Training Advisor 
Cassidy VaGilder

Cassidy is the Conference Training Advisor of A Moment of Magic.

Committee Members

DSC00057 - Gavin Beegan.JPG

Casting Committee
Gavin Beegan

Gavin is a Casting Committee member and training intern for A Moment of Magic.

carrer photo 2 - AMoM Media.jpg

Chapter Social Media
Kaitlyn Gallaher

Kaitlyn is a Chapter Social Media Committee member.

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Casting Committee
Sophia Cozzone

Sophia is a Casting Committee and Costuming Intern for a Moment of Magic.


Family Relations
Morgan Carlstrom

Morgan is a Family Relations Committee member.

7C965118-66D0-4376-9E74-945A33D132C0 - S

Casting Committee
Selena Ghaben

Selena is a Casting Committee Member for a Moment of Magic.


Megan-53 - Megan Teramoto.jpg

Programming Intern
Megan Teramoto

Megan is a Programming Intern for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

Image (1).jpeg

Family Relations Intern
Elise Payne

Elise is a Family Relations Intern for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

Chapter Presidents

SRF Headshot Cropped - Jacque Matthews.j

Baylor University
Jacque Matthews

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Sanchez Jada HS 1.png

East Carolina University 
Jada Sanchez

IMG_0770 - Kenzie Richards.JPG

Gonzaga University
Kenzie Richards


Marquette University
Allie Spears

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Temple University
Jackie Condly


University of North Carolina
Shreya Arora

IMG_5506 - Paige Bruggink.JPG

University of Wisconsin
Paige Bruggink

7A589D10-5D1B-4D5E-A815-67E6C7B8C67D - B

California State Fulteront
Brisa Bernal


Florida Atlantic University
Savanna Cassese


Gustavus Adolphus College
Theadosia Cox

Shot - Ahmed.jpg

Ohio State University
Ahmed Alfaysale

Image from iOS.jpg

Texas Christian University Davis Le

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FE6D6BDB-44B6-4668-9AA6-61271AEFD4AB - A

University of Pennsylvania
Abi Murugadoss

headshot - Hannah Meadows.jpg

West Virginia University Hannah Meadows

IMG_0713 - Atiana A.JPG

Coastal Carolina University
Atiana Addari


Flordia Gulf Coast University
Nicole Ambrogio

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James Madison University Taylor Davidson


Ramapo College
Savanna Serra

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DSC00057 - Gavin Beegan.JPG

University of Cincinnati
Gavin Beegan

3B597DFF-B74E-4D16-8A12-F9157A7D8BAD - E

University of Portland 
Elli VanBrabant


Western Michigan University
Peyton McLellan


College of Mount Saint Vincent
Jordan Ruden

unnamed - Mary Bedway.jpg

Fordham University
Mary Bedway


Loyola University of Chicago Kaitlyn Schwarz

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St. Norbet Collegey
Madison Earing

Profile Pic - Mike Roth.jpeg

University of Iowa
Mike Roth

IMG_4927 - Channing Connors.jpg

University of Virginia
Channing Connors

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West Chester University Sara Smiley