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Our Team 

Board of Directors


Kylee McGrane

Kylee is the Founder and Executive Director of A Moment of Magic Foundation.

Harmon_2022 - Michelle Harmon.jpeg

Board Chair
Michelle Harmon

Michelle has over 26 years in all sides of the healthcare industry including consulting firms, startups, health systems, an executive recruitment company, and Fortune 500 firms.

Tech Summit 20190209-416 - Nicholas Poole.jpg

Board Chair
Nicholas Poole

Nicholas Poole is an award winning and highly skilled Executive Leader with +15 years of experience in the field of Information Technology + Retail.

Amanda - Andrew Kean.jpeg

Board Chair
Amanda D'Anucci-Kean

Amanda is the Director of Strategic Growth at A Moment of Magic and currently leads strategy, communications, and strategic partnerships at Wall Street Bound.

KMA AMoM - Keith Austin.jpg

Board Chair
Keith Austin

Keith is a Senior Operations Manager at Amazon as well as Baylor University as an Adjunct Professor in the Hankamer School of Business


Board Chair
Dexter De La Cruz

Dexter is the Vice President, Head of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology at Prudential in Newark, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and NYU Stern School of Business for his MBA.


Board Chair
Omoanatse Agbugui

Omoanatse is the Director of Diversity and Inclusivity at A Moment of Magic and additionally serves the community as a nurse!

3C0A1333-min - Mike D.jpg

Board Chair
Michael Dicesare

Michael is the Director of Information Technology at Cigna. He earned his Bachelor’s in Economics from Central Connecticut State University and completed his Master’s of Science  from Quinnipiac University.


Board Chair
Matthew Macklin

Matthew is the President of Strategem Law Group in Washington. He is a licensed attorney, MBA, experienced healthcare executive, and skilled counsel.


Kylee Headshot 1.png

Executive Director
Kylee McGrane

Kylee is the Founder and Executive Director of A Moment of Magic Foundation.


Digital Content Creator
Aislinn Cain

Aislinn is the Digital Content Creator for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

Professional Headshot - Mike Duffy.PNG

Business Administrator

Michael Duffy

Mike is the Business Administrator for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

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Project Manager
Hawa Bello

Hawa is the Project Manager for A Moment of Magic Foundation.


Chapter Liasion
Karl Brillant

Karl is the Chapter Liasion for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

Board of Advisors

Jeremy Head Shot - Jeremiah Miller.jpg

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller is a serial entreprenuer and advisor for A Moment of Magic.

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Amanda Boer

Amanda is a senior Human Resources Generalist and member of the Board of Advisors of A Moment of Magic.

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Stefanie Joy Muscat

Stefanie is a passionate and accomplished nonprofit professional, who founded Bevara in 2004.


Tom Moebvus

Tom is a longtime advisor of A Moment of Magic Foundation. He has 25 years of experience in innovation, partnerships, and development.

emily_final-27 (1).jpg

Emily K. Brown

Emily Brown has enjoyed a 23-year career in brand strategy and marketing working with organizations.

National Team Volunteers

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 11.05.42

Character Integrity: Costuming

Anna Cahill

Anna is the Character Integrity Chair of A Moment of Magic Foundation with a specific focus on Costuming. 

BeccaHari - AMOM Info.jpeg

Information Advisor
Rebecca Hari

Becca is the Volunteer Relations Advisor of A Moment of Magic.

IMG_3556 (1) - Maddi and Anna Integrity

Character Integrity: Training

Maddi Stanton-Johnson

Maddi is the Character Integrity Chair of A Moment of Magic Foundation with a specific focus on Training. 

IMG_6107 - Elieana Herrera.jpg

Volunteer Relations

Elieana Herrera

Elieana is the Chapter Relations Chair of A Moment of Magic.

Medical Advisory Committee

IMG_6064 - Jessica Baird.jpeg

Medical Advisor
Jessica Baird

Jessica Baird is a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) and a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) in the state of Maryland.


Headshot - Michelle Barahman.jpeg

Medical Advisor
Dr. Michelle Barahman

Dr. Michelle Barahman is a bicoastal licensed clinical psychologist working in New York and California. She has worked with Sloan Kettering and the University of California, San Diego.

Adina-1(1) - Adina Levitan.jpg

Medical Advisor
Adina Levitan

Adina Levitan, MS, CCLS is a Certified Child Life Specialist providing psychosocial support and interventions to pediatric hematology/oncology patients at the Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

67B8E09E-0510-444E-9CC3-23EC564E4CBF - Morgan Carlstrom.png

Medical Advisor
Morgan Carlstrom

Morgan Carlstrom, MSW, LGSW is a. graduate of  Loyola University of Chicago and is a Licensed Social Worker.

Profile Picture - Madalina Yellico.jpeg

Medical Advisor
Madalina Yellico

Madalina Yellico, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist trained in evidence-based practices, including Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Committee Chairs

C154A31D-AB36-411E-8893-93F1B584C933 - S

Alumni Relations

Sierra Kotowicz

Sierra is the Alumni Relations chair of A Moment of Magic.

IMG_1452.CR2 - Aly Coppage.jpg

Hospital + Nonprofit Relations
Aly Coppage

Aly is the Hospital and Nonprofit Relations Committee Chair.


Celebrity Partnerships
Danielle Tierney

Danielle is the Celebrity Partnerships chair of A Moment of Magic. 

headshot - Nicole Caridi.jpg

Night of Magic Gala
Nicole Caridi

Nicole Caridi is an Assistant Nurse Manager at Lenox Hill Hospital and the Night of Magic Gala Co-Chair.

F46EC457-FAFF-479F-BB09-2279C641D1BF - Bridget Rogers.jpeg

Family Relations

Bridget Rogers

Bridget is the Family Relations chair of A Moment of Magic.

Committee Members


Casting Committee
Sophia Cozzone

Sophia is a Casting Committee and Costuming Intern for a Moment of Magic.

Gavin Full 2 - Gavin Beegan.jpg

Integrity Committee Intern
Gavin Beegan

Gavin is the Integrity Committee Intern and Committee Member for a Moment of Magic, specializing in technology and volunteer engagement.

10AE1062-391F-4B5F-A7EE-474326CF6352 - Pamela Aguilar.jpeg

Chapter Social Media
Pamela Aguilar

Pamela is a Chapter Social Media Committee member.


Megan-22 - Megan Teramoto.jpg

Programming Intern
Megan Teramoto

Megan is a Programming Intern for A Moment of Magic Foundation.

14CED1B8-C7B3-453F-B1DD-57D2089601D4 - Alexa Bregar.jpeg

Integrity Intern
Alexa Bregar

Alexa is the Integrity Intern and  AMoM Unlimited Specialist for A Moment of Magic Foundation.