Important Documents

Links here include PDF resources and Agreements you can sign right now through a web form.

COVID-19 Precautions

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2020-2021 Agreements

All volunteers must complete these forms

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Traffic Violations Reporting Form

Any traffic violations (personal time or otherwise) need to be reported here

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Executive Board Packet

Includes Fundraising Guide and board resources


Post-Fundraising Form

Complete this after the fundraiser

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Sign Up

for Visits

Google Sheet link to sign up for Hotline calls and Facebook lives


Chapter Advisor Commitment

Chapter Advisors need to sign this for the 2020-2021 year

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CP Conference Commitment

Chapter Presidents need to sign this for the 2020 Conference


Pre-Fundraising Form

Complete this prior to a fundraiser

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Volunteer Post Visit

Evaluation Form

Fill out this form to report to nationals on your volunteering


Flu Shot


Here are examples of what you should submit to your Secretary

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Resource for chapter fundraisers to make them awesome


Required for extended costume use during COVID-19