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Harnessing the powers of creativity, friendship, and laughter as tools in healing since 2014.

Every 60 seconds,
a child is in need of medical care.


A Moment of Magic is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to improve the quality of life of vulnerable and underserved children and inspire them to be brave, strong, and fearless through fun and engaging social wellness activities.

Every 60 seconds,
a child requires medical care. Our goal is to ensure they never go through their journey alone.

We partner with more than 300 hospitals and NPO's to provide creative play experiences to aid in the mental health of children we serve.

Since 2014, we have created A Moment of Magic to more than 100,000 children in need.

When faced with a serious health condition,
children require
excellent medical care to help heal their bodies -
but they also need to
support and experiences that safeguard their minds and hearts.

here's how we create moments that do just that:

Creative Play Experiences

Through our signature Creative Play Experiences, we partner with hospitals to bring personalized, empowering experiences that remove children from their day-to-day life of treatment, restore a bit of normalcy, and allow children to experience the joy of 'just-being-a-kid'. 

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AMoM Unlimited

AMoM Unlimited, currently a web-based application, offers a wider range virtual services including virtual programming, digital content, and online resources to families in need.

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Express, Create, Heal:
The Childhood Cancer Chapter

Through ECH:TCCC, we implement evidence-based strategies to provide tools, resources, events, and support proven to improve mental health and quality of life of families affected by childhood cancer at in-person and virtual workshops. 

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Bravery Bags

We work in partnership with pediatric departments at hospitals to provide carefully curated activity kits to help medically vulnerable children build social-emotional wellness and cope with daily life stressors exacerbated by their medical diagnosis.

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