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Brave, Strong, & Fearless.

A Moment of Magic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides medically vulnerable children with creative programming, outlets, and support to foster imagination, friendship, and hope through our college-student volunteers. 


We provide a variety of services to children with medical vulnerabilities, all at no cost. We focus on bringing creative play through arts, crafts, music, and literature to children in hospitals, their homes, or remotely via technology.

Every 60 seconds, a child requires medical care. A Moment of Magic operates on the mission of “restoring the magic” of childhood for these children. Our high-quality programming infuses arts, crafts, music, and literature to create moments of fun and play during otherwise scary and traumatic experiences for children that are hospitalized.


We are the original and largest organization of our kind with 29 chapters all over the United States and have activated more than 1,000 college student volunteers.


Every 30 seconds a child is diagnosed with a serious medical illness.  It is A Moment of Magic's goal to ensure that no family has to go through that journey alone.

In In 2019, every eleven minutes, we were able to reach a child in need



a child is diagnosed

with a serious illness.




since 2015.

Together, we have reached

Together, we have reached more than 75,000 children since 2015. In 2019 alone, we were able to reach 45,000 children.

It is our 2020 goal to reach 50,000 children through our 20 chapters.

When a child is hospitalized, treatments and diagnoses become top priority for parents and doctors. As a result, activities focused on increasing the child’s self-perception are often disregarded or considered of minor importance.

We believe that the value of these activities increases when a child is hospitalized, as self-image decisively contributes to emotional, mental well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem. Our programming values play, imagination, and creativity and smashes stereotypes on what a princess is and what makes someone beautiful.



when a child is hospitalized.

The role and value of

Through our follow up surveys to parents and medical professionals, we are able to see that 100% reported the quality of life of the child being improved through our services.

Here's how we scored in other categories:

Costuming: 4.94/5

Likeness to Character: 4.98/5

Ability to Play Character: 4.92/5

Activities on Visit: 4.875/5

100% would work with us again
100% would reccomend us to another hospital or organization.


of medical professionals

say that our services improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Together, you can help us make magic.

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We activate more than 1,100 student volunteers at 29 colleges and universities in hands-on, unique service work.

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We partner with more than 300 hospitals and nonprofit organizations from around the country to provide magic for free.

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Our impact has no limits. Currently, we have reached children in 49 states and six countries.

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We make every moment, and dollar, matter. For every $5 donated, we are able to reach a child with a serious illness.

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